Sibling Pickup

The after school student pick up routine at Rawson Elementary playground is as follows:

All High School or Middle School students who need to pick up a Rawson student must show their current school ID AND be on the Rawson Pick Up List. Any student without an ID will not be allowed on Rawson property.

Students without a school ID who do not cooperate once asked to leave could face disciplinary measures.

High School or Middle School students are not allowed on Rawson property prior to 4:00 pm on normal school days. This includes the playground, basketball courts and parking lot. The only exception are those who are on the Rawson Pick-Up list.

Students who are on the approved Rawson Pick-Up List and whose behavior while at Rawson is not meeting expectations may lose their privilege of being on Rawson property after school.

Your cooperation and support is essential for success ensuring our schools remain safe environments.

Thank you in advance!

Rawson, Middle School, High School Administration

** To register your child on the Rawson Pick-Up List, please visit